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NetPlay Men Clothing/ Network Men Clothing/ Pureza Men Clothing

Top Brands Women

Avaasa Mix N' Match Women Clothing/ Avaasa Set Women Clothing/ Avaasa Workwear Women Clothing/ FUSION Women Clothing/ Rio Women Clothing/ Siyahi Women Clothing

Top Brands Kids

Inf Frendz Kids Clothing/ KB Frendz Kids Clothing/ KB Team Spirit Kids Clothing/ KG Frendz Kids Clothing/ KG Team Spirit Kids Clothing/ Point Cove Kids Clothing/ Rio Girls Kids Clothing/ YB DNMX Kids Clothing

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The reasons we love a certain brand of sneakers probably has more to do with our brains than our feet.

As consumers, we like to think we favour a brand because of objective factors, such as product quality or price. The study of the human mind and behavior, suggests that our feelings and identities may have a greater influence on which brands we choose. So, moral of the story is brand love is for REAL.

And if you are among the ones who not only are loyal to your favourite brands but also don’t find any harm in trying out the latest brands upcoming in the market, then Reliance trends has it all and more to offer you. We offer a range of leading national fashion brands in apparels, sportswear and accessories at a great price. Reliance Trends is a one stop shop for the shopping needs of your complete family.

From casual wear brands like Teamspirit to ethnic wear brands like Avaasa , from kids wear brands like Frendz to formal wear collection brand like Network , Reliance Trends exposes you to a myriad of brands that suit the fashion needs and conveniences for all.

Fashion Brands for Women

Brand lovers have a special place in our hearts. We at Reliance Trends are committed to provide the best brands in women’s fashion tailored as per your taste, mood and sensibilities. From casual women wear brands like RIO , Fusion , formal and semi-formal wear brands like FIG, jeans brands to DNMX Jeans to ethnic wear brands like Avaasa, Reliance Trends has got all of it and more.

Fashion Brands for Men

It is now a well-known phenomenon that Indian men love brands. At Reliance Trends we have dedicated brands to cater all the fashion needs of a metrosexual man. From casual men’s wear brands like Netplay , jeans brands to DNMX Jeans to formal wear brands like Network , Reliance Trends caters to the needs of all in any situation or special occasion.

Fashion Brands for Kids

Like morning shows the day, a brand lover can be spotted early too. We are talking about the next generation of fashionistas, the kids. At Reliance Trends we have a perfect collection of brands for all types of Kids Wear. From popular brands like Point Cove , Frendz to newbies like Performax in the similar market, Reliance Trends ensures you never miss out on the latest trends and all of it is delivered at your door step.